The EU post coronavirus: lessons learnt - Citizens Take Over Europe

Saturday, May 9, 2020 - 17:00 to 18:00


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The purpose of our webinar/conversation is: 

To find out what Europe needs to do so that Europeans stay healthy. Physically, mentally, emotionally. The small group conversations that will take place during this session will raise questions and issues which will feed into our campaign for an international conference on “The European Union after Coronavirus, Lessons Learnt”. 

The key theme to be discussed at the conference will be the reform and integration of healthcare in the EU to cope with future healthcare challenges including pandemics. This will require visionary thinking combined with practical expertise on a scale not seen in Europe since the setting up of the European Coal and Steel Community.

Most important of all: the conference must be shaped by the real life experiences and democratically expressed needs of the people of Europe. Today's event is part of the conversations we are conducting with both practitioners and citizens during the preparatory phase of the conference.

Ideal participants:   
Anybody interested in any aspect of health, ideally from as many different states and nationalities as possible.

Key success factor: 
We want the questions we ask to stimulate a conversation. Participants should want and be able to enter into a conversation. And they should enjoy the ride.


This workshop is part of a Europe Festival of Democracy aimed at energizing the discussion and debate about the future of Europe called Europe Future Fringe. Find out more about how you can link your event to the #EuropeFutureFringe network here.

Mission statement for Citizens Take Over Europe Day

We take responsibility for putting citizens and residents at the centre of the conversation about the future of Europe.

We believe it is crucial for citizens in Europe to organize ourselves across borders to create the kind of caring Europe we want.

On the 9th of May, we will claim an open space to discuss current problems and co-develop solutions for political and social challenges. 

What are our concerns for the future of Europe?

What does the current crisis mean for us?

And what solutions can citizens propose and implement?

How do we develop solidarity among Europeans?

How do we show solidarity with the rest of the world?

We will bring people together across borders to share stories of how people are taking care of each other and trying to make things better right now

Citizens Take Over Europe is a joint initiative by:

Alliance4Europe, Another Europe is Possible, CIVICO Europa, Democracy International, European Alternatives, European Civic Forum, European Democracy Lab, European Women Alliance, EUmans, Eurotopia, Mehr Demokratie, New Europeans, The ECI Campaign, The Good Lobby, WeMove Europe.

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