UN World Population day

Saturday, July 11, 2020

World Population Day, which seeks to focus attention on the urgency and importance of population issues, was established by the then-Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme in 1989, an outgrowth of the interest generated by the Day of Five Billion, which was observed on 11 July 1987.

This year's World Population Day calls for global attention to the unfinished business of the 1994 International Conference on Population and Development. Twenty-five years have passed since that landmark conference, where 179 governments recognized that reproductive health and gender equality are essential for achieving sustainable development. 

In November, UNFPA, together with the governments of Kenya and Denmark, will be convening a high-level conference in Nairobi to accelerate efforts to achieve these unmet goals. On World Population Day, advocates from around the world are calling on leaders, policymakers, grassroots organizers, institutions and others to help make reproductive health and rights a reality for all..



This day is called NICAETAS’ DAY. Nicaeta was abbot for the Medicon monastery in Bithynia ( east of present-day Istanbul near the Black Sea ). He was considered to be very pious and ascetic. He was in particular interested in icons. But the oldest church was very much against the worship of icons – as the Jews were. Therefore, the church forced him to leave the monastery and tortured him in Constantinople. He survived and lived for the rest of his life on a small island near Constantinople. He died in 824.



1948:  President Harry Truman signed the Marshall Plan, offering 5 billion dollars to 16 European countries



Danish (pastry) – what is the origin of that? And what is it?

The historical origin of this bread is Vienna in early 19th century. The bakers there made a special sort of bread called Kipfel.  Some of them brought it to Copenhagen, where is became common from around 1840. Towards the turn of the century a creative Danish baker called L.C. Klitteng decided to make it much lighter by adding a lot of butter.  The bread was called Wienerbrød (bread from Vienna).  This is to this day a very popular pastry in Denmark – with a lot of calories! The same word is used in French: Viennoise (though it is not exactly the same bread).

Baker Klitteng decided to make his bread known all over Europe and later all over the world. He named himself Advisor for Bakers and travelled the world. And he experienced a great success. His bread became popular everywhere.  In The US it was – and still is – sold under the name DANISH (pastry).  He became extra famous, when he in 1915 was asked to deliver Danish for the wedding of president Wilson.

He also planned to “conquer” China and Japan in the 1930ies with his pastry. But he had to abandon his plans, as he suddenly became blind.

And finally it is interesting that the same pastry in the city of its origin, Vienna, is neither called Wienerbrød nor Danish. Its name is: Kopenhagener.



Silence is golden – where does that expression come from? And what does it mean?



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1.     Yesterday’s quote:

A woman’s heart is like a mailbag. It is full of sealed letters, but it does not know itself what is inside.

        This was said by the Danish poet Hans Christian Andersen.

2.     Today’s quote:

A politician without ambitions is like a hunting dog you have to force to go hunting.

          Who has said that?

3.     Famous people born on this day:

1894:  John Christmas Møller ( died 1948 )

1924:  Doris Day

1924:  Marlon Brando ( died 2004 )

1930:  Helmut Kohl

1961:  Eddie Murphy

1964:  Bjarne Riis

4.     Famous people died on this day:

1897:  Johannes Brahms ( 63 years )

1950:  Kurt Weill ( 50 years )


Niels Jørgen Thøgersen


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