Launch of petition to create a European Republic

Saturday, February 15, 2020 - 14:30

Towards a European Constituent Assembly

Report in La Stampa about today's event

With this petition, the organisers and the other partners propsing this petition, intend to share a concrete perspective of political action:

We want the European Parliament to open immedciately a new constitutional phase to make the European Union become that “Common Home” that we need, 

We want to support this request through a formal petition that we will launch in February 2020.

We commit ourselves to bringing the oucome from this action to the attention of the European Parliament and the Conference on the Future of Europe by  9 July,  the 40th anniversary of the foundation of the Crocodile Club will occur.

The proposal  is based on work done by four Italian organizations  - Benvenuti in Italia, EuropaNow!, ACMOS and Movimento Europeo in Italy - in collaboration with some Italian Municipalities and the European Democracy Lab in Berlin.

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In attendance:

Sandro Fallani , Mayor of Scandicci
Matteo Biffoni , president of ANCI Toscana, Mayor of Prato
Gerardo Santomauro , Mayor of Ventotene
Simona Bonafè , MEP
Eric Jozsef , president of EuropaNoW
Ulrike Guerot , director of the European Democracy Lab
Diego Montemagno , president of ACMOS
Virgilio Dastoli , president of the Italian Council of the European Movement
Jorgen Fryednes , manager of the island of Utøya
Abdullhai Hamed , president of Generation Ponte
Davide Mattiello , president of the Welcome to Italy Foundation
Roger Casale, New Europeans
Moderator: Raffaele Palumbo
David Sassoli , President of the European Parliament has been invited

Rogers Auditorium
Piazza della Resistenza

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