March in defence of the independence of the Polish judiciary - Warsaw

Saturday, January 11, 2020 - 15:00 to 17:30

We strongly appeal to everyone who has the opportunity to do so to take part in the march that will take place in Warsaw on January 11th, in defence of the independence of the Polish judiciary.

Young Stonewall activist Łukasz Jurewicz from Poznan explains

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Extract from letter by Iustitia, the largest association of judges in Poland.

Let's walk together in silence in Warsaw from the Krasiński Square at the Supreme Court to Wiejska Street next to the building of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland dressed in gowns/robes that are a symbol of our service to the law and societies of Europe.

Let us show that the values ​​and principles of the rule of law are the foundations of the profession of every lawyer, regardless of national borders. 

We strongly emphasize that the march is apolitical, it is not an affirmation of any political force in the country, nor is it intended to criticize the actions of any particular political party. Its sole purpose is to make the legislative authority aware of the dramatic consequences of the entry into force of laws passed in Parliament and of repressive measures taken against representatives of the judiciary in Poland.

Let us do everything so that this is not the last moment when judges will be able to publicly express their protest in defense of the values ​​they serve with their entire professional life without fear of consequences.

Read the full letter here 


Krasiński Square to Wiejska Street Warsaw

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