European Networking Meeting - Milan

Friday, December 13, 2019 - 14:00 to Saturday, December 14, 2019 - 14:00

The European Movement - Italy is organising a networking meeting in MIlan and New Europeans is delighted to be taking part as a participant.

This initiative of the European Movement - Italy, takes place at the beginning of the new European legislature and during the phase of definition, by the European Commission, of the political agenda for the next 5 years.

The main topics we propose to address during the two days will be: European Union's commitment in the framework of Sustainable Development Goals; the Conference on the future of Europe; the issue of defending the rule of law within the EU, together with a reflection on the next EU financial framework and on the features that it should have to be able to meet citizens' expectations.


The Italian Council of the European Movement is an expression of all the democratic forces - parties, unions, associations - committed in our country to achieve European unity, understood according to the message of Ventotene which inspired the anti-fascist resistance and which federation among all European states with democratic regime that can and want to adhere to it with full equality of rights and duties.

 It recognizes the first nucleus of this federation in the existing institutional structures within the current European Union and believes that only a decisive constitutional evolution of the European institutions - that makes the Union capable of realizing its own economic and social policy, of promoting development sustainable, to ensure knowledge-based growth, to express a true foreign and security policy,

To this end, the CIME primarily acts as a coordinating body between the adherent forces and as a proposal, stimulus and pressure tool for Parliament and the national Government as well as regional and local authorities. 

The Italian Council of the European Movement also proposes to spread in broader strata of Italian public opinion and first of all among the younger generations the persuasion that the creation of the United States of Europe, respectful of regional and local autonomies in the individual states, is essential to the prosperity and real independence of the European peoples and that the development of new instruments of democratic control at European level constitutes an irreplaceable guarantee for the consolidation of our free institutions.

In this spirit, the CIME also wants to contribute to the development of active citizenship and participatory democracy at European level.

The Italian Council of the European Movement remains open to the various levels of its organization for the adhesion of those who share its aims and methods of action without prejudice to the autonomous political characterization of each one.



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