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Saturday, October 12, 2019 - 14:00 to 16:00

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For over 3 years a fundamental issue has received too little attention: the loss of our rights.

Freedom of movement is not just a luxury for the elite, it's a right that millions have built their lives around. Many UK citizens rely on it to earn their living working across borders.

Losing it will be devastating for millions, individually and companies.

3.7 million EU27 citizens living in the UK have been in an unnecessary limbo over their rights since 24.06.16.  

Non-EU migrants have been victims of the hostile environment for years. Not only will the income threshold be raised to a level that will split even more families but without the right to family life, even that avenue will be closed to them.

The EU has protected, and will continue to protect LGBT rights. Without the EU, same sex marriage and adoption by same sex couples could become illegal. Families would suddenly lose their right to be a family.

These examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Once these rights are removed, the struggle to regain them will be even harder.

So let's #R4OR at those in power that we demand our rights.

Join us to get our voices heard. Join us to let a message be heard that sends a shockwave down the corridors of power, we will not be silenced.

We are not the minority. If the 5 million had been able to vote, leave would have lost by a landslide. 

Stand with us and #R4OR to send a message to those in power that we demand our rights.

The Rally 4 Our Rights (#R4OR) protest will take place on 12 October in central London.

We are meeting at St John's Gardens, .

From there the rallly will disperse to four key locations:

​- The Home Office

- Outside Millicent Fawcett Hall

- 55 Tufton Street 

- Outside The European Parliament UK office on St John Smith Square

​It will be a static protest at key strategic locations, not a march. 

It will be smaller, have a serious tone, and will be different to the usual march-crowd-speeches format. We encourage you to come with loud voices, banners, representing your nations, your companies and your families and friends. 

#R4OR will not try to replicate the other excellent and much bigger pro-Remain events, and it will be serious, peaceful and determined, and by those people who are not usually given a voice, but who have the most to lose from Brexit, and particularly No-Deal.

The event is organsed by:



with the support of:

New Europeans

Remainer Now

In Limbo


Farmers Against Brexit

Bremain in Spain


Europeans United

Brexpats Hear Our Voice

Young European Voices

British in Italy


To register with New Europeans, please click on the link at the top of the page

We will send more information nearer the time and arrange a pre-meeting for New Europeans on the day

Alternatively, for more information and to register directly with the organisers, click here



St John's Gardens SW1P 4DA London
United Kingdom

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