Festa della Repubblica - Italy

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Sunday, June 2, 2019 - 08:15

Italian National Day

Greetings to all Italian democrats on this day of the Republic - long live democracy, long live freedom, long live the Italian Republic!

“Va ricordato che in ogni ambito libertà e democrazia non sono compatibili con chi alimenta i conflitti, con chi punta a creare opposizioni dissennate fra le identità, con chi fomenta scontri, con la continua ricerca di un nemico da individuare”

"It should be remembered that in every sphere freedom and democracy are not compatible with those who fuel conflicts, with those who aim to create insane opposition between identities, with those who foment clashes, with the continuous search for an enemy to be identified"

President Mattarella

With thanks to Regina Egle Liotta Catrambone, Co-founder of MOAS and member of New Europeans  and all who fight for human rights, for the dignity of the human being and to save lives at sea.




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