A celebration of freedom and solidarity - Gdańsk

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Tuesday, June 4, 2019 - 08:30

Thirty years ago, on June 4, the first partially free elections took place in Poland. Democracy won and civil society was born - conscious, active and solidary. We want to celebrate this time - to be together.


Before us, among others shared Christmas breakfast, debates, workshops, concerts, meetings with authors and film screenings, we will read fairy tales and poetry.

Arrival announced, among others participants of the Round Table discussions, candidates for deputies and senators during the June elections in 1989, but also activists of non-governmental organizations.

Local government officials from all over the country will also meet to discuss the challenges that will be faced by small homelands in the coming years.

And on June 4, at noon, on the squares of Polish cities, we will sing together a national anthem, because "Poland has not died while we live"!


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