Day of Solidarity with EU Citizens abandoned by Brexit - Florence, Italy

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Friday, September 22, 2017 - 10:00 to 20:00

We are organising a series of events in Florence to coincide with Theresa May's visit and speech on Europe.

Register for updates and to recieve the link to the lviestream of our press conference from Teatro del Sale, Firenze (Florence).

Plan for the day



This will include the following events:

* Morning Vigil outside the former British Consulate

* Silent Procession before Theresa May's speech on Europe (route to be confirmed)

* Public Meeting to call for immediate guarantees for all affected by Brexit at Teatro del Sale

Speaking about preparations for the day of solidarity, Roger Casale, Founder and CEO of New Europeans said:

"We want to remind Theresa May and the EU that as citizens of Europe, we have a voice, we have rights and we expect to be heard."

The day of solidarity coincides with a speech by Prime Minister Theresa May.

She is expected to say:

"Britain is leaving the EU, but not leaving Europe" .

The Prime Minister is also expected to speak about historic Britain's links with Florence .

We will point out that this 500 year history is aptly symbolised by the story of the British Consulate which the government shut down in 2011. In other words it is now coming to an end.

When asked if New Europeans was looking for a confrontation with Theresa May, Roger Casale replied:

"On the contrary - we are simply here to make our voices heard too. We are the mainstream, Brexit is the "freak show" ! 

In the evening, New Europeans will hand a letter to Professor Renaud Dehousse, President of the European University Institute in Fiesole.

Asked about the letter, Roger Casale said:

"The plight of 1.6 m UK citizens living in the EU is an unprecedented emergency and an affront to the idea of a Europe of the Citizens. I am many at the EUI will wish to consider the moral, legal and political entitlement of these citizens of Europe to immediate, comprehensive and unilateral guarantees of their rights by the EU institutions. "


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Florence City Centre Firenze

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