The People's March for Europe - London, UK

Saturday, September 9, 2017 - 12:00

We will demonstrate that the resolve of the British people is strong. 

The Brexit debate is devoid of substance and marred by populist slogans and deceitful promises. We will march to Parliament Square with our message to the government that the people of the UK will not bow down and forgo our future based on an unknown strategy. We will challenge Britain to think again.




We are at a key point in the Brexit transition. September 9th when the parliament reconvenes we will begin the final phase of the UK’s road to Brexit. The People’s March must get our message heard before it’s too late, before this new Government commits it’s self to a plan. The government is obliged to listen to the people. On September 9th we have to speak louder than before.

People's March - The Brexit Kid


One year on from the EU Referendum the UK Government has failed to produce a plan. The future is already here and Brexit is happening now! The UK Government have done everything in their power to avoid public scrutiny. As the effects of Brexit hit, the Government has done nothing to safeguard our livelihoods, rights, safety, and opportunities. With the British Governments reckless approach to negotiations, Brexit is now threatening the fabric of society and the unity and prosperity of our country.

Brexit is happening NOW! Yet the negotiations are barely underway – everything has yet to be decided.


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The Message

The People's March demands a deal, that the people voted for and has been used as a political slogan under the banner of 'The Will of the People'. We demand an Ultimate Deal that will give us many of the promises of the Leave Campaign, and ALL benefits of being in the European Union.

The People's March demands that the continued membership of the European Union (no-Brexit), is the only option if the Ultimate Deal cannot be made. A deal that many experts have now said is impossible, yet the government remains silent on any kind of post-European Union deal. The Ultimate Deal which will leave the UK better than it was in the European Union, as promised, or it will stop Brexit.

Some of these include:

  • Investing savings from Brexit in public services, including £350m a week for the NHS.
  • Delivering the same benefits on trade as currently enjoyed by the single market membership.
  • Freedom to travel across the EU and the maintaining of all EU & UK citizen rights.
  • Full protection of rights currently guaranteed by membership of the EU, for employment and the environment
  • Matching of the EUs regional development funding.
  • A strengthening of science and research partnerships with the EU.
  • A security deal that “maintains and enhances” such cooperation with the EU.
  • No hard borders between Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

With the future of our country at stake, we believe that both our nation and democracy deserve better.

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Corner of Hyde Park and Park Lane
Hyde Park and Park Lane
W1J London
United Kingdom

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