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Millions of Europeans live outside of the EU and many more live outside of their country of origin within the EU.

It is sometimes difficult for these expatriates or emigrants to fulfill their civic duty, and vote in their own countries’ elections - because they forget, because they do not know when, how or worse, because it does not matter to them anymore. Many of them do not even know that they can vote in European Elections, and some do not have the right to vote in their circumstances...

European Citizens Abroad is a pro-EU international citizens' campaign focused on education, advocacy, and EU policy by and for citizens leaving abroad. Our main subjects of interest are European Citizenship, Voting Rights and Procedures, Young Europeans, International Affairs (the EU in the World) and International Business.

We believe that living abroad is a crucial step toward understanding what European citizenship really means, and we want to leverage the strengths and experience of our expatriates for the benefit of all.

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