Europe Future Fringe

#EuropeFutureFringe is a free-standing series of events taking place across Europe in parallel with the Future of Europe Conference.

Everyone can be a part of it, whether you live within the territory of the EU or not.

"Don't ask what Europe can do for you. Tell us what you can do for Europe." 

Roger Casale, New Europeans and #EuropeFutureFringe Iniative Board

Why not join us?

In Scandicci, Italiy with some of our well-wishers, 15 February 2020.

Open letter

The Future of Europe Conference is a remarkable opportunity for the EU to articulate a new narrative and define Europe’s place in the world post Brexit.
As representatives of civil society organisations working across Europe, not just in the EU, we welcome the initiative and look forward to contributing to its success.
In the past, such conferences have not always led to the most productive of outcomes. It is not easy to convince people to engage with a process which rightly or wrongly many will still see as top down and driven primarily by the priorities of politicians.
So alongside the official Future of Europe conference, we are setting up a Europe Future Fringe to harness the energy, imagination and ideas of citizens.

Taking its inspiration from the Edinburgh Fringe, the Europe Future Fringe will be a series of freely organised events​ celebrating our European identity, allowing civil society to occupy the "spaces in-between" the formal conference consultations organised by the EU institutions.

The Fringe will reach out to third country nationals as well as people resident outside the EU, including in the UK, Ukraine and the Balkans. It will give all who take part the opportunity to engage in a new conversation about Europe’s future.​​

We believe the Fringe will energise the debate about the future of Europe and give real meaning to the idea of the EU as the world's first transnational democracy. It will make a great contribution to the Future of Europe Conference's success.

It is time to give citizens the opportunity to show what they can do for Europe, not just to comment on what the EU can do for them.


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