The #EUGreenCard would restore free movement rights to Britons in the #EU and protect #EU27citizens in the UK from discrimination. 


The proposal won the Financial Times Future of Europe Award in 2017 and has just won the Schwarzkopf Foundation Europe Award following a vote by young people (under the age of 35) across Europe.

The EU-wide public profile of the #EUGreenCard initiative gives us a powerful platform to campaign for its implementation. 

We are working with the European Commission, the Home Office, Members of Parliament and Members of the European Parliament to help put in place a framework to protect citizens rights if Britain leaves the EU.

Your support will help make sure we continue to do everything we can to advance the #EUGreenCard proposal up the agenda of decision-makers and into the discussions about Britain's future relationship with Europe.

With your support we will:

- continue to lobby MEPs in Brussels and Strasbourg to support the #EUGreenCard initiative

- present the #EUGreenCard initiative to Home Office officials in London and the EU Commission in Brussels

- organise dedicated meetings at the House of Commons to brief MPs and ministers

- mobilise civil society and youth organisations to campaign for the #EUGreenCard

We have already had many successes with the campaign and the momentum is with us:

- the European Parliament passed a motion insisting that Britons in Europe should retain their rights to freedom of movement within the EU;

- reference to the loss of free movement rights has been removed from the draft EU Withdrawal Treaty;

- the Civil Liberties, Employment and Social Affairs, and Petitions committees have held a public hearing with New Europeans at the European Parliament to discuss the proposal;

- Mr Barnier, the Chief negotiator for the European Commission has asked to be briefed on the proposal;

- the House of Commons has produced a briefing note on the #EUGreenCard proposal.

Most of all thousands of British and EU27 citizens have been supporting our campaigns on twitter and facebook, at meetings and through contributions to our crowd funder campaigns.

The Schwarzkopf Europe Award gives us an unprecedented opportunity to take the campaign to a new level and towards the tipping point that is needed to translate our proposal into practical action by the EU institutions.

By contributing to the fighting fund, you are helping to make sure that we have the resources we need to continue to travel to Brussels and Strasbourg to lobby MEPs and Commission officials and to build up a wave of public support across Europe and especially amongst young people for a campaign which protects rights.

The EU was founded in order to bring peace, stability and prosperity to Europe's citizens - not just those inside the borders of the EU, but all citizens of Europe.

The #EUGreenCard can end the terrible uncertainty felt by citizens who were disenfranchised by the referendum and deprived of the security of their EU citizenship rights, the foundation stone for their plans for the future.

Your support can help make the #EUGreenCard a reality.

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