El Camino - for an EU Green Card for Europe

For the last ten years, I have worked for a charity in Somerset that supports individuals and their families from Poland, Lithuania, Portugal and other member states of the European Union.

As a result of this work, hundreds of children and young people have been able to go on to further education in and outside Somerset in England. I could see that my work helped of thousands to integrate in the new place. As a Race Equality champion together with local councils, police, NHS we could implement new policies, which had positive impact on access to services for everyone.

During the time I spent working in Dorset and Somerset, I saw first hand how the environment changed, from one which was open to citizens from other EU member states like Poland, where I was born, to one where many of us no longer feel welcome.

I would like to encourage people to donate to Green Card project through my pilgrimage. I will be walking for the hundreds of individual and families I know whose lives are affected by Brexit.

Those whose relationships end  because one side decided to return to their member state of origin while the other wants to stay in UK. 

Those who suffer in silence with depression and anxiety because they have been made to feel unwelcome by a small but vocal minority of people in Britain.

This year,  decided to move on so that  can work as an independent consultant, trainer and  spend more time with my daughters as they grow up.

Although settled status has been offered to EU citizens who are already in the UK, the legacy of the hostile environment will impact on the lives of many migrants and their families for years to come. Vulnerable groups will be particularly badly affected.

The award-winning New Europeans Green Card for Europe proposal can help EU citizens in the UK and Britons abroad post Brexit because it will give us a physical proof of our status.

This is so important because many of us still face instances of casual discrimination when looking for employment or somewhere to live simply on the grounds that our status is perceived to be uncertain.

How can we counter this if not with a Green Card for Europe?

The proposal has been presented to the Home Office and to the European parliament at hearings of the Civil Liberties and the Constitutional Affairs Committees.

Now New Europeans needs to lobby national parliaments as well to make sure there is sufficient support for the proposal in the Council of Ministers.

Your support will help make sure that New Europeans can present the Green Card proposal to MPs in up to seven member states as we build a consensus across the EU for its introduction.

My commitment is to walk and cycle from Somerset in SW England to Santiago de Compostela in NW Spain (El Camino) to raise awareness for the EU Green Card campaign and raise the money we need to be able to campaign for it. I am hoping that on my way back I will be climbing on Mont Blanc in Alps

El Camino symbolises for me the timeless nature of free movement within Europe, but also that free movement is not just about economics but also about culture, faith, society, every aspect of our lives.

We are all so enriched by the opportunity to move freely within Europe. 

I hope that my journey, my Camino will inspire you to give generously to a cause and an organisation that is giving us hope that our lives can return towards something approaching normal again, even if Britain does leave the EU in the end.

So I would appreciate if you could donate £2, £5 or even more on very important project for British people living in Europe and new Europeans living in UK

To make your contribution to the appeal for an #EUGreenCard, click here



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