Edinburgh is Scotland's capital city and the seat of the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood.

The city hosts the acclaimed Edinburgh International Festival of musis and theatre, but this has long been overtaken by the Edinburgh Fringe, a programme of acts running alongside the "official" Festival which is now the world's largest performing arts festival.

Over 476,000 people live in Edinburgh itself and the city lies at the heart of the Edinburgh & South East Scotland City region  which has a poulation of 1.34m. It is a very young city and also has a high proportion of people born outside the UK (16%),  almost half of whom are EU citizens from other EU member states.

New Europeans opened a branch in Edinburgh in 2016.

Our local action team in Glasgow is made up of:

Magda Czarnecka

Gary Paterson 

(Gary is also our regional coordinator in Scotland)

You can contact the Glasgow branch by emailing:



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