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Click the link below to find out how to succeed as a European citizen in modern Britain, starting from Day One. 

The Big European Citizens Survival Guide To Life in modern Britain

This guide follows EU citizens on their journey into Britain and British society starting from Day One.

Everything from what to do before you set off, through what to do on the first day and the first week and to survive until you become settled, to everything you need succeed and participate fully in British society and become more established.

The guide is written in a conversational style, from the perspective of an EU citizen exercising his or her right to free movement by coming to live in the UK.

At the last census in 2010 (Britain takes a census every 10 years), there were 2.3m non-British EU citizens in the UK.A similar number of UK citizens live in other EU member states. It is estimated that about 3 million EU citizens live in the UK today.




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