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New Europeans has members in every region of the UK, in Ireland and and we are building our networks across Europe form our new branch in Brussels.

We organise on the basis of city branches. Depending on the interest of local members, branches meet regularly and take initiatives in the community on behalf of New Europeans.

For example, our Oxford branch recently organised a public meeting with the two Oxford MPs to ask them about what they were doing to protrct the rights of EU citizens in the UK following the UK's vote to leave the EU.

Our Bristol branch linked up with New Europeans Living Rights Programme to organise a meeting at Bristol Town Hall attended by the Mayor of Bristol and local MP.

The Glasgow branch teamed up with Young European Movement to organise a panel discussion with MSPs while in Brighton and many other branches, we have held social event and meet up evenings to introduce members to each other and guests form the local community.

New Europeans consults regularly with local branches about our campaigning priorities and future developments. When you join New Europeans as a member, either your branch action team or the the regional coordinator from your area will be in touch to welcome you and to invite you to a meeting.

Branches affiliate to New Europeans and have a vote and the right to bring proposals to the Annual General Meeting.

A branch is formed when a local member sets up a branch action team of three, including at least one female member and at least one member who is an EU citizen born outside the UK.

Individual members living in the catchment area of a branch action team are automatically enrolled as members of that branch.

Once a year,  the branch meets to elect the branch chair and the branch action team. Appointment of branch chairs are then ratified at the New Europeans AGM. 

The main purpose of the branch structure is to allow members to meet locally and to support New Europeans' campaigns in their communities. Branches are also part of a European grass-roots network and we work hard to facilitate links and exchanges between branches both across the UK and in the rest of Europe.

Equally, we are very keen to develop ideas and share best practice between local branches as a way of helping New Europeans evolve as a grass-roots, citizen-led organisation.

We especially welcome new ideas which come from the day-to-day experience of European citizens and our branches have a lead role to play in articulating these ideas and experiences through our website and regional meetings.

If you would like to start a branch in your area, please contact us at:



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