Women4Europe was founded in response to a sense that people were being leftbout of the brexit equation when they are its cement.

More than that, our future generations depend on us giving voice to the values of equality, freedom, justice and democracy we espouse.

"When I spoke about freedom of movement, Erasmus and democracy at the London rally in September 2019, I was deeply moved by the palpable outpourings of grief and fear at governments, not just in UK, risking lives and imperilling our hard won freedoms and democracy.

That spurred me to try and bring our common values into drafting our Declaration of EU citizens solidarity.

It has been inspired by many - including  fathers of integration, the mother of the Erasmus programme, great women, those who made the peace process a reality, and by children shining with hope.

It has been translated by many Europeans whose families, like my own, are born of and love our own diversity.

We share humanity and must do our best to sustain it together."

Juliet Lodge

This Declaration of solidarity was drafted by Juliet Lodge, Susie Courtault and Cathy Wigley for Women4Europe to mark the new year in 2019.

It was supported by so many groups; encouraged by EU citizens' assemblies, Sundays4EUCitizens' solidarity and by individuals across Europe, MPs and MEPs who know that Europe without borders is made daily by people committed to democracy and equality, peace and freedom.

The Declaration was inspired by our common history and sums up defiance when the daily tangible reality of us being in this together is threatened.

What binds us together is our humanity. That transcends borders. We are citizens in solidarity, committed to European union and improving life for future generations together.

We have marched together. Sung together.  Worked and cried together. And celebrated unity together.

By ourselves, we are nothing.  Together we have a chance to promote and celebrate our solidarity and do good things to benefit us all.

We wrote new lyrics to Bread n Roses to celebrate Unity when inter-sectional groups, led by Sussex in Europe got together for a Carnival of Unity in Brighton



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Bread and Roses

Bread and Roses

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