William Tobin

William Tobin is a British-New Zealand astronomer retired in France.  

Most recently, he was a candidate in last December’s General Election in Boris Johnson’s constituency. He sought no votes but stood to highlight the unfairness of the UK electoral franchise which excludes 7 million people from a say over their own lives.

Prior to retirement William taught and researched astronomy & physics at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. Earlier he was a researcher in St Andrews and then Marseilles. His Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Emmanuel College Cambridge was his undergraduate alma mater.

Latest Articles

Confusing times

Confusion over the start time of a recent pan-European webinar illustrates one reason why the European Union is considering abolishing the annual seasonal clock change – and why, in an increasingly interconnected world, we should make more use of global time (UTC).  

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