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Tony Venables

Tony Venables is director of Maison des Associations Internationales (MAI) which is a large not-for-profit conference centre and incubator for international associations.

He previously worked for the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and the Council of Ministers in Brussels. After his career as a civil servant, Tony became an advocate and lobbyist for citizens' rights within the European Union. He was director of BEUC, the European consumer pressure group, then founded and ran the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), which has helped several European associations of NGOs become established in Brussels.

Tony is also the author of a book "Piecing Together Europe's Scattered Citizenship" to be published shortly by NOMOS.

Latest Articles

The unspoken choice: to keep or give up European citizenship

Tony Venables examines an aspect of the referendum which has been completely overlooked by both Remain and Leave campaigns: European citizenship.

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