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Suzana Carp

Suzana lives in Brussels where she leads on the EU engagement work of a London based climate policy think tank.

She holds an MSc in Migration Studies from the University of Oxford, awarded with Distinctions, a second Masters degree in European Studies from the College of Europe in Warsaw. She completed her University degree in the United States, where she specialised in political science and international affairs.

She worked on a number of migration related projects, including working on a project investigating migration in the media across different countries, completing a comprehensive study of refugee support across the EU, etc. Her interests cover also democratic theory, having founded the project Act 4 Democracy, which strives to offer education for democracy through theatre to youth from underprivileged backgrounds and remote areas.


Latest Articles

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The Brexit suspense continues, as journalists on both sides of the English channel are reminding us!

A successful Romanian Presidency will be less about national politics and more about the EU agenda

The historical juncture for the Romanians to steer their first ever Presidency exercise is unique and immensely challenging, as it covers Brexit, negotiations on the next EU budget and the European elections.

2016: The year when the mere act of voting might have lost its democratic legitimacy

On both sides of the Atlantic, the year 2016 brought dramatic turns in modern understandings of democracy.

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