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Steve Patriarca

Steve Patriarca was born in London, studied in Swansea, and worked until 2008 in or around Manchester.

A teacher of English and Philosophy Steve has always had an interest in politics which served him well when as Headmaster of William Hulme’s Grammar School he led the first HMC Independent Grammar school to join Tony Blair’s flagship Academies Programme. The school is now one of the most oversubscribed state schools in England.

In 2008 Steve decided to move to Vienna and to take on freelance work in education whilst also indulging his interests in culture and personal writing. 

Latest Articles

Easter in Croatia - a journey into Central Europe

My short journey around central Europe provides a reminder both of Europe's continuing diversity, and our war torn past, and the important contribution of the EU in creating the space for dialogue and co-operation which help to resolve conflict.

The Open Society and its friend: the European Union

Is the European Union a threat to the Open Society in the way that ‘Conservatives for Britain’ and others would have us believe? On the contrary, the EU is neither a threat to democratic values nor liberal ones, and offers a way in which differences can be articulated and diversity understood and also protected.

The EU Referendum - the great betrayal

We are told that Prime Minister David Cameron wants to renegotiate the terms of UK membership of the European Union.His faith in a referendum snapshot in Scotland almost destroyed four hundred years of the United Kingdom. A referendum on Europe is a kind of betrayal. It is not only a betrayal of Conservatism but of the British people who elect Members of Parliament who owe them their judgement. To replace the deliberations of Parliament with those of Basildon Man is a profound attack on the democratic tradition.

Why New Europeans need a new voice

We are told that 2015 is a year of change for Europe. Yet so far it seems a matter of “plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose”. The language of Europe remains stubbornly reactionary and superficial. One problem of course is language. You cannot have real debate and engagement unless you have a common language, and not only a common language but an understanding of the values which reside within language. Another problem is the problem of identity. 

From the crossroads: Vienna is back at the heart of Europe

It is a cliché to speak of Vienna as being at the crossroads of Europe. But some things become clichés because they are true. Vienna is different; at once Austrian and yet very international; at once German-speaking and yet multilingual. 

A New Year Letter from Vienna

Vienna loves to party, especially after Christmas. New Year or “Silvester” is followed quickly by another public holiday for Epiphany or Heilige Drei König and then the Ball Season begins.

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