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Stefano Fella

Stefano Fella has worked in a number of research, policy and lecturing roles, in the House of Commons, for trade unions and at universities in the UK and Italy.

Stefano has a PhD (awarded for a thesis on the Labour party and the EU), and has published extensively on the UK-EU relationship, Italian politics, and populist parties and the politics of race and migration in Europe. 

His publications include New Labour and the European Union, Political Strategy, Policy Transition and the Amsterdam Treaty Negotiation, Ashgate 2002; and (as co-author) Re-inventing the Italian Right - Territorial Politics, Populism and Post-Fascism, Routledge 2009 

Latest Articles

Fix the Bill

The EU Withdrawal Bill (previously known as the Great Repeal Bill) has now completed its passage through the House of Commons and has moved onto the House of Lords.

Trade unions back free movement for EU workers

The Trades Union Congress (TUC) yesterday adopted a motion at its annual Congress calling for the defence of existing free movement of labour within the European Economic Area. It also calls for an up-front guarantee for existing EU/EEA citizens in the UK to stay, live and work after the UK withdraws from the EU.

Brexit widens UK skills gap

Uncertainty over the future status of EU nationals in the UK, and the possibility of the end of free movement of workers between the UK and EU countries post-Brexit is exacerbating more long-standing concerns about skills shortages in certain sectors of the UK economy.

Will Europe wake up to the populists?

Right wing populists in Europe have been galvanised by last year’s Brexit vote in the UK and Donald Trump’s triumph in the American presidential election. But will they strike further blows against the European political establishment in 2017?

Why Lexit is not the answer

Some left criticisms of the EU are justified, but a left exit (or Lexit) is not the answer.

The EU needs to change but a left exit is not an option

There is a progressive left case for the EU which the Labour party needs to make.

Trade Unions say remain and fight for change

Thirteen of the largest trade unions in the UK are calling for a remain vote in the referendum on EU membership.

Stay in Europe to change Europe! - Another Europe is Possible

Stay in Europe to change Europe! That was the message from the Vote In – Another Europe is Possible event held in central London on Saturday. 

TUC says its members remain undecided on which way to go on the EU referendum but Jeremy Corbyn jumps off the fence

The Trades Union Congress adopted a statement on the EU last week on the forthcoming UK referendum on membership of the EU. 

Trade Unions should not walk away from the EU but fight to reform it

The trade union movement in Britain embraced the vision of a social Europe put forward by European Commission President Jacques Delors at the end of the 1980s.

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