Stefan Sperl

Stefano Sperl

Stefan Sperl was born in Stuttgart and brought up in Luxembourg. He studied Arabic at Oxford and the American University in Cairo and did his ​PhD​ at  ​the London School of Oriental and African Studies (​SOAS​)​. In 1978 he joined UNHCR and held several assignments in the Middle East and Geneva. He returned to SOAS 1988. H​e has published widely in  Arabic, Islamic and Refugee Studies.

​His most recent work is The Cosmic Script: Sacred Geometry and the Science of Arabic Penmanship ​ (2014), authored jointly with Ahmad Moustafa​

Latest Articles

What Nazism and ISIS/Daesh have in common - a modern European German's perspective

Both Islamic extremism and Nazism are expressions of a collective cultural psychosis of catastrophic dimensions.

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