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Roger Casale

Roger set up New Europeans and runs the initiative on a day-to-day basis.

He has experience in business, academia and politics both in the UK and internationally. He studied at Brasenose College Oxford and at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies and holds a Master of Arts in International Affairs. He speaks Italian, German, French and a little Arabic. 

In 2009, he received the award of Commendatore dell’Ordine al Merito della Repubblica Italiana from the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano for services to British-Italian relations. He is a former Member of Parliament and Parliamentary Private Secretary in the Foreign Office.


About New Europeans


“I am a passionate European, proud to be a European citizen as well as a UK citizen.  Having lived, worked and studied in other EU member states, I value my right to free movement. I also value the opportunity to participate in local and European elections that European citizens enjoy wherever we live in the EU.

My parents’ generation remember the war but grew up through a period of peace – this is one of the EU’s greatest and until today most enduring achievements. However, my children will grow up identifying with Europe. They have no memory of borders between most European states. They think of themselves as British and Italian and of Europe as tour common home.

The economic, demographic, environmental and security challenges that we face in the 21st century will need a European approach just as much as those of the post-war era.

With New Europeans we want to provide a platform for those who believe that future as Europeans must be shaped as much by the voice of the European citizen as by the competition and compromise that will no doubt long continue to characterise relations between the EU member states.”



Latest Articles

Another dark day for Europe as polls close in Austria

Sorry to put it this way but the shite appears to be floating up to the top of the fish tank again in Europe. Exit polls show People's Party (Sebastian Kunz) on 30.2% with the Freedom Party on 26.8%. So one in four of Austrians are happy to vote for a racist party while nearly a further one third of Austrians are 'not racists but....just don't like migration'.

Statement on today's events in Catalonia - 1 October 2017

Today's events in Catalonia call into question the idea of a Europe of the Citizens and the European Union as a space in which the human rights of #EU citizens are guaranteed.

Message to Manuel Cortes from Santa Maria Novella in Florence

On Friday 22 September, New Europeans organised a Day of Solidarity for EU citizens in the UK and Britons living in the EU to coincide with Theresa May's speech in Florence.

Unite! Rethink! Reject! Rejoice! The People’s March for Europe

This Saturday, 100,000 people from all over the UK will come to London for the People’s March for Europe. They will wave banners, wear face paint and brandish EU flags. And they will be doing so not because they love the single market but because they identify with Europe.

TSSA and UCU show support for free movement in their motions to the Trade Union Congress 2017

The 149th annual TUC Congress 2017 will take place at The Brighton Centre during 10-13 September. Britain is entering a period of uncertainty after the vote to leave the EU.   

EU should call Theresa May's bluff on rights of citizens

365 days after Britain voted to leave the European Union, Theresa May has made no firm, unilateral offer to the 3.4 m EU citizens resident in the UK about their right to stay.

Roger Casale joins call on Theresa May to resign

Dear Theresa May

We call on French citizens including all those outside France to vote for Macron

Over 2.5m French people live abroad. And they all have the vote. Many of the new Expats from France, a large proportion of whom are young, highly skilled professionals, were heading to the UK. At least that was the case until the Brexit referendum.

Let's Unite for Europe!

I am delighted that New Europeans will be one of the sponsors of the Unite for Europe march in London. I was also proud to have played a role in finding sponsors for the march and advising the organising committee in the run-up to the event.

We are not bargaining chips, we are citizens

Fellow Europeans, just like you, I am bitterly disappointed that the vote on our amendment to the Brexit BIll did not go through. 

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