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Michal Siewniak

Michal Siewniak works as a Community Development Manager with CVS (Community Voluntary Services), Broxbourne and East Herts.

He supports the needs of different community groups with advice and advocacy and helps build the organisational capacity of these groups. He liaises with appropriate bodies and works in partnership to maintain awareness of needs of minority groups.

Michal is an excellent linguist and speaks Polish, English, Croatian and Italian.

"I don’t want to see Europe divided again. My experience has taught me that we must work together to address the global issues. I don’t want us to take a step back. I would like us all to recognize and champion diversity and challenge prejudice. New Europeans is doing a fantastic job giving a platform to all who cherish their European citizenship rignts and the vlaues that underpin them. I am proud to be able to be part of the team taking this work forward for the next generation of Europeans."

Latest Articles

Why so many Poles have already left Britain?

It is estimated that almost a million Poles lived in the UK before the Brexit vote. Some, mainly anecdotal evidence, suggests that around 200,000 members of the Polish community have now left the UK. What are the reasons why people have left or are leaving?

Is the post-Brexit reality the end of the political representation of the EU nationals in Britain?

Polish migration to the UK has a long standing history. But did you know that there are currently only 12 serving Polish Cllrs in the UK? In my view, although the current Parliament has never been more diverse, the lack of political representation is still evident.

Many challenges remain with EUSS scheme

I am sure that most of us, who know, work with or have friends and family members from the EU or EEA have heard of the so-called EU settled status scheme. 

Dare to Care

It is often not easy to be positive these days, is it? However, despite some major local and global challenges, I am remaining positive.

My life under lockdown? Look what I've learned! – Michal Siewniak

Third week of lockdown, at least for us in the UK. It feels strange, it feels unreal. At times, it feels like I am watching a science fiction movie.  

Europe, Brexit and our future

On Thursday, 30 January, 9 EU nationals had an opportunity to visit the European Parliament and meet our local MEP, Barbara Gibson, who invited us to spend a day with her. 

The Polish perspective

"The Polish Perspective"  - A letter frokm New Europeans' coordinator and local resident Michal Siewniak to the Welwyn Hatfield Times

Politics of Unity – utopia or real opportunity?

With a variety of speakers, a strong and varied attendance, and interactive sessions, the  afternoon on a ‘Politics of Unity’ was something new and special for us  

A New Beginning: Movement for Unity in Politics in the UK!

Wow! what a wonderful historical moment in which to be present as we launched the ‘Movement for Unity in Politics’ in the UK on January 20th at the Centre for Unity (CFU), in Welwyn Garden City. As people from various walks of life arrived there was a great sense of hope for what was about to start.

Brexit and British Values

In October 2016, Cities of Migration talked to Michal Siewniak who works as the Community Development Manager, CVS (Community Voluntary Services) Broxbourne and East Herts and who is a local ‘community activist’ about local responses to BREXIT, Britain’s recent referendum and decision to exit the EU, including a negative public narrative and worrisome backlash against immigrants.

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