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Karolina Grot

Karolina Grot graduated from the Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw and Warsaw School of Economics, where she completed the specialisation in negotiations and project management.

Member of the TEAM EUROPE network of experts coordinated by the European Commission. Analyst and project coordinator at the Institute of Public Affairs (Warsaw, Poland) since 2010. Prior to that she worked for Amnesty International Poland and other Polish NGOs, where she was involved in a wide variety of advocacy projects and campaigns. Her main areas of expertise are mobility of EU citizens, migrant’s participation in the civic life in the host countries, emigration of Poles and their situation on foreign labour markets and the perception of Poles by the host societies as well as various aspects of integration of forced migrants and third-country nationals in Poland and the EU.

"In the times of emerging populism, where EU freedoms are put at risk in the interest of public security and managing the migrant influx to Europe is often put at the same level in the public debate as managing the mobility in Europe, multinational initiatives like the NEW EUROPEANS carried out by mindful and proactive people from numerous member states are definitely worth to be supported. This is why I decided to join NE. Nothing about us without us."


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