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Juliet Lodge, Change UK, Yorkshire and Humberside

Juliet is standing to put country above party self-interest. As a mother and grandmother, she wants the best future and the same opportunities for her family and everyone else’s families as those in the EU.

She is standing to provide a voice to those who have lost faith in the old parties; to those who seek consensus over division; and to those who want to work together for a better future for all. As a European-minded pragmatist, she wants us to keep the strengths of the European Union and shape its future polices on climate, food security, new forms of work, health and innovation in a digital society.

Juliet believes that the challenges ahead of us cannot be solved by ourselves alone. English nationalism and isolationism are harming the UK. Foreign-owned populist media exploit but do not protect ordinary people. We are better than this. We can do better than this together. We owe people everywhere hope and peace. She would like to offer Yorkshire and Humberside leadership from the front, which is so lacking at a national level.

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