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Juliet Lodge

Juliet Lodge is Professor Emerita, University of Leeds. 

Professor Lodge was elected European Woman of Europe in 1992, for her voluntary work across all sectors and ages in building understanding of Europe.

Juliet Lodge at CEPS


Latest Articles

A very silly ‘Brexit’: land of confusion or hand of doom?

When MEPs and foreign diplomats, years ago, surveying the EU landscape, reflected on the history of the European ‘community’, and noted that ‘no one loves the EU’, few would have expected to see publics taking to the street protesting their ‘love’ and allegiance to the EU.

On a road to nowhere with the Knights of Cydonia

Has cavalier Brexit lunacy irrevocably damaged the UK polity? Hot on the heels of the banking crash that sparked the recession and austerity, the wretched failure of leadership from the Government and Opposition has compounded public distrust of elites.

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