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Jon Danzig

Jon Danzig

Jon Danzig is an award winning medical and investigative journalist, formerly at the BBC. He specialises in Health, Human Rights and the European Union.

See Jon's blog EU ROPE for more of his articles on European issues and Britain's strained relationship with the EU.

More information on Jon and his other blogs can be found on his website

Latest Articles

Newspaper lies can cost lives

Heaven help anybody that the media or the government turns against – that’s what I told 'Russia Today' TV last year, but the interview was never broadcast, writes Jon Danzig. 

Another absurd anti-EU article by the Daily Express

The Daily Express  claims  that:  “Spending  on foreign aid is to surge by £1 billion under 'absurd' new rules introduced by the European Union.”   This  is misleading to say the least, writes Jon Danzig.  

Can’t vote or don’t vote?

Russell Brand  says he never votes, as it’s a waste of time.  Read Jon Danzig's powerful response...  

A revealing deception about Winston Churchill?

A Tweet has been sent to New Europeans "quoting" a speech that prime minister, Winston Churchil, made to Parliament on 11 May 1953. But is that really what Churchill said to Parliament? Jon Danzig investigates.

Winston Churchill: A founder of the European Union

Winston Churchill is recognised as a 'founder' of the European Union and promoted the idea of a ‘United States of Europe’, writes Jon Danzig.

The Guardian reports that at least 30,000 Brits claim unemployment benefit across the EU

Unemployed Britons in Europe are drawing much more in benefits and allowances in the wealthier EU member states than their nationals are claiming in the UK.  

Charlie Hebdo : "All is forgiven"

Can the surviving journalists of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, really forgive the terrorists who brutally murdered ten of their colleagues and others at their Paris office?  

Another Daily Express anti-EU article that's 'rather daft'

‘EU nanny-state rules again over our gadgets,’ screamed the Daily Express headline. ‘Now Brussels tells us when to turn off TV.’ But according to FactCheckEU, the story is 'rather daft'

The multi-million pound question for UKIP

UKIP may be against the European Union, but it’s certainly not against receiving millions of pounds in funding from the European Union.

UKIP takes EU funding even though they are against EU funding

UKIP has secured control of a £1.5m pot

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