Jeannet Weurman

Jeannet Weurman has worked as a social worker, counsellor and community development worker. She is a Dutch national living in Cambridge, UK.

Latest Articles

Trauma, loss and a shift in consciousness

These are unprecedented times. There have been large scale pandemics before, but perhaps we have never been this connected and aware of the unfolding picture globally. 

Narratives for a resilient Europe.

I am always impressed when I watch one of the New Europeans panel discussions. I come away fired up - I agree with everything.

Going in deep - a reflection on the future of Europe

It is June, 2020 and our world has changed.   Even a couple of months ago we could not have imagined the numbers of people dying all over the world, our pain at social isolation and the impact of Covid-19 on the world economy.

Co-Creating Europe and the Caravan of Unity

We are all living through a huge social experiment. It seems from one day to the next, the normal flow of our lives has been suspended, and we feel the pain.  

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