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Jane Golding

Jane Golding is a senior EU law specialist, and a qualified barrister and solicitor.  She has worked in the area of European law for over 20 years, at the European Commission, and in private practice in Italy, Germany, as well as in Brussels, where she spent over 15 years before moving to Berlin in 2009. 

Jane’s main area of practice is EU competition law, with a focus on media and technology sectors, in particular the music sector.  Her practice also covers EU procurement law and general EU law.  Jane also has significant experience of legal lobbying, gained primarily through her work with the EU Committee of the Law Society, of which she was a member for 10 years.  During that time, she was one of the co-authors of the Law Society Guide to the Lisbon Treaty and also gave oral evidence to the House of Lords about certain aspects of the Treaty.

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