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Franco Zappettini

Dr. Franco Zappettini is a Lecturer in Communication and Media at the University of Liverpool. His research focuses on the textual/discursive analysis of different forms of political and organisational communication including mediated forms of populism, in particular tabloid populism and Euroscepticism in the British press.

His publications include: The Critical juncture of Brexit in Media & Political Discourses: from National Populist Imaginary to Cross-National Social and Political Crisis. Special issue of the Critical Discourse Studies Journal coedited with Prof. M. Krzyżanowsk (forthcoming); the monograph European identities in Discourse: A transnational citizens’ perspective (2019) published by Bloomsbury; and the forthcoming book chapter The official vision for ‘global Britain’: Brexit as rupture and continuity between free trade, liberal internationalism and ‘values’ in Koller, V, Kopf, S. and Milgbauer, M. (eds.) Discourses of Brexit. Routledge.

Franco tweets @frazapuk

Latest Articles

Tabloid populism and the legitimation of Brexit in the British press

While Brexit has been exhaustively discussed from a variety of perspectives, I believe that the role played by the British press, and in particular by tabloids, in framing the debate in the run up to the referendum and afterwards requires more scrutiny.

Theresa May’s speech: a flight of international escapism

In the knowledge that it would be impossible for Britain to "have its cake and eat it too" the government has now made clear that they’ve opted for the hard Brexit solution. But the kind of internationalism that Mrs. May is advocating is purely based on economic logics, driven by the most extreme discourses of the ‘Leave’ campaign and has very little to do with the cosmopolitan ideal of the common humanity of peoples coming together as nations.

Brexit - a very British affair

Despite “project fear” and all the supposed “facts” about the EU that have been circulated, the campaign on either side of the Brexit argument has failed to kindle my interest as a ”new European”.

Should EU citizens seek UK citizenship to vote on Britain's future in the EU?

When in January 2013 Mr. Cameron pledged to have a referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU, I commented that, rather than a democratic choice, the question he was posing to Britons was actually the extent to which they think Britain should withdraw from European affairs, that is, whether partially or completely.

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