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Brian Lighthill

Dr Brian Lighthill worked as an Actor, TV and Radio, Drama Producer/Director for thirty-five years. In 1995 he won a BAFTA, and in 1996 the Prix Jeunesse International for Channel 4's 'Coping With Grown-Ups'. In 1998 he was nominated for Sony Award for a Radio 4 Drama ‘The Sevenfold Crown’. In 1999 he retired from the 'world of  the media' and has been working his way through the University system at Warwick University - BA, MA, and PhD research into, 'The Impact of selected Shakespeare's Stories on Personal and Social Development for 11-14 year old learners'. He now teaches and lectures and runs workshops in the UK to 10-18 year old students.

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Petition to guarantee all EU footballers be exempt from net migration targets

If the PM’s proposed policy of restricting Freedom Of Movement for EU workers - as being advocated for doctors, students, care workers, fruit pickers, teachers etc. - is followed through to include those who play football, there will be a huge impact on the majority of the UK’s top football clubs.

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