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Antonia Oprita

Antonia Oprita is a senior editor and columnist for's Real Money and a financial journalist based in London with more than 15 years experience.

She has worked for Reuters, CNBC, BusinessWeek and the BBC and has written for various European business magazines like The Banker, MoneyWeek and Euromoney.

She also blogs about the economy, emerging markets and finance at

Latest Articles

Legal Challenge Risks Making Brexit More, Not Less Likely: Pro-EU Activist

A legal challenge arguing that the UK parliament, not the Prime Minister, can trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty and officially start the country's withdrawal from the European Un

If ‘Brexit means Brexit’, why worry about an EU deal?

You’d expect that the more we find out about the UK government’s negotiation stance on leaving the European Union, the less uncertain things become. But it’s just the opposite.

Young Britons must get involved in Brexit negotiations

A survey by Scottish Widows imparts some uplifting news: British millennials are optimistic about their future.

Will there be a post-Brexit Armageddon?

“Happiness is a candle. In fact, don’t laugh too loud, you risk putting it out.” — Christophe Maé – Il est où le bonheur

Let EU citizens stay in the UK: it makes business sense

If it uses EU citizens as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations, the UK risks becoming "un-cool Britannia". This would hit exports and competitiveness.

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