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Alex Colling

Alex has a degree but, more importantly, a passion for helping people who are marginalised in society and has worked most of his life as a support worker. 

Alex is British and feels European. He lived in Germany for a few years and married an Italian lady with whom he is currently cycling around Europe in a protest against Brexit and the threat that it represents to his freedom of movement.

Alex thinks that if there is a good side to Brexit it is that it has at least allowed him to connect with like-minded people and as part of this he's recently joined New Europeans. 

Latest Articles

From Långrådna to Salacgriva - weeks 6 and 7 of the amazing #FOMtour

Långrådna to Salacgriva. A good bit of week 6 is spent cursing not only my inner couchpotatoness but also SJ (the main Swedish train company) for not allowing bikes on trains!

Freedom of Movement Tour

On 23rd June 2016 the UK voted to leave the EU in a non-binding referendum. We woke up that morning in total dismay. We cried. We suddenly felt divided by our respective nationalities. Here's what we decided to do next.

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