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Alessandra Martorana

Alessandra Martorana is an Oxford University undergraduate currently undertaking research concerning individuals' perceptions of citizenship and the role of resistance in relation to the UK's Brexit decision. She is investigating aspects of belonging, identity and rights and responsibilities.


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Call for participants fo Oxford University Brexit Research

There have been a number of transformations to citizenship during the past thirty years; citizenship  has  seemingly moved away from its traditional concept, tied to the emergence of nation states, with the advent of new forms of citizenship such as supra-national citizenship, dual citizenship and the idea of ‘global citizenship’. Furthermore there has also been much discussion on what it actually means to be a citizen and what counts as ‘acts of citizenship’.  Brexit has raised a number of potential issues surrounding citizenship. British citizens will likely lose their EU citizenship as a result of the Brexit vote, this probability is significantly controversial considering 48% of people voted to remain in the EU and essentially retain their EU citizenship. The vote also means the non-British EU citizens are at risk of losing their rights to live and work in Britain as the extent of their EU citizenship is scaled-back to exclude Britain.

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