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Vers une nouvelle Révolution en France?

Depuis plus d’un an, les «gilets jaunes» manifestent chaque samedi, et maintenant depuis plus d’un mois durent les grèves contre la réforme des retraites. La France est-elle en période pré-révolutionnaire?

Young New Europeans in Ukraine

We are a young team of Ukrainian students who study for number of different degrees, but who are united by the one common idea which is extremely important to all of us.

Europe, Brexit and our future

On Thursday, 30 January, 9 EU nationals had an opportunity to visit the European Parliament and meet our local MEP, Barbara Gibson, who invited us to spend a day with her. 

Kolme puheenvuoroa Euroopasta

The first of January 1995, Finland officially became part of the European Union.  

The Home Office v Me - one EU citizen tells her story

Let me start by saying that I have always been a firm believer in the European project since I was a child. Coming from an ex-communist country, the EU was always a beam of light from the dark past, a symbol of liberty, democracy, human rights and all the values and governance we Eastern Europeans aspired.

3 Reasons Why It Is Better To Rent A Camper Instead of Owning

So you’re thinking of going away on a camping holiday?

Expert shares top keyword research tips for successful law firm SEO Campaigns

The base premise of search engine optimization (SEO) could not be simpler: Maximize the visibility of your law firm online by using proven techniques to rank higher in search engine results.  

Boris Johnson: riding towards a place with no name

Discussing the protracted negotiations to end the Vietnam war, the American diplomat John Negroponte once said that it had taken a long time to “force the North Vietnamese to accept the American surrender.”  Things have moved more quickly in the Brexit negotiations, where it has taken barely a fortnight for Boris Johnson to surrender his supposed central objection to the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by Theresa May, that of a customs and regulatory border in the Irish Sea.

Else Kvist speaks out in anger from a soap box in London: 1.7 million Europeans were deprived of their right to vote - Berlingske

The elections to the European Parliament had major shortcomings in the UK and were not worthy of a modern democracy, concludes the British Electoral Commission.

Else Kvist at Rally 4 Our Rights

Good afternoon London, can you all hear me!?

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