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Europe is You and Me

I am Europe, Europe is me. The European Union and I were born in the same year, 1957. Me in the provincial capital of Utrecht, a city that grew from a river crossing and a Roman staging post during the occupation of the low countries by Caesar’s legions, to a major link in European trading routes in the Middle Ages and the city where in 1713 a series of treaties settled the War of the Spanish Succession. 

Brexit myths

British Euroscepticism has long been dependent on myths that are too numerous to catalogue.

Letter from Lesvos, April 2016

A reflection on a recent visit to Lesvos which coincided with the EU-Turkey deal coming into effect, including meeting some of the refugees, volunteers, and activists there.

The Open Society and its friend: the European Union

Is the European Union a threat to the Open Society in the way that ‘Conservatives for Britain’ and others would have us believe? On the contrary, the EU is neither a threat to democratic values nor liberal ones, and offers a way in which differences can be articulated and diversity understood and also protected.

Northern Europe - a job-creating powerhouse?

How we measure unemployment, and what we interpret those measures to mean, can be misleading. Percentages illustrating a proportion of the labour force are often reported as if illustrating a proportion of the entire population, leading to flawed conclusions regarding the predicaments or successes of entire age groups.

Letter to my British friends

As a French and Greek citizen, I won’t have a vote in this referendum and yet this is one of the most momentous decisions that will ever be taken in my name, as a European citizen living on this side of the channel. So, along with the two million other EU expats living here, and millions on the continent who feel passionate about Britain’s European vocation, all I can do is plead: dear British friends, please stay.

EU movers’ attitudes to ‘Brexit’ and British citizenship

EU citizens living in the United Kingdom do not have a right to vote in the referendum on EU membership, but the outcome of Britain’s renegotiation of its terms of membership and the referendum will affect them most directly. 

Who wants roots instead of feet?

“If God wanted us to stay at one place, he would have given us roots instead of feet”

Europe has always been close to my heart

As Senior Analyst for RAND Europe, a not-for-profit research institute, I work, amongst others, on the socio-economic inclusion of migrant EU workers for the European Commission.

Don't lock the door and throw away the key

For someone who is so insistent on breaking down borders, I’ve encountered remarkably few myself.

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