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Inéligibilité des brittaniques aux elections municipales

Radiation des britanniques des listes électorales au 1er février 2020, impossibilité de faire campagne et de se représenter pour cause d’inéligibilité pour ces derniers, les conséquences de l’article 127 de l’accord sur le retrait du Royaume-Uni de l’Union européenne pour les élections municipales françaises des 15 et 22 mars 2020 sont lourdes.

Crossing Divides - behind the scenes at BBC

New Europeans campaigner and NHS nurse Joan Pons Laplana spent a day at the BBC in Salford taking part in a ‘deep listening’ experiment - aimed at bringing people who disagree fundamentally together.   

Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit - Raluca's story

Our last day in the EU, we held up placards on Parliament Square, with cameras flashing in our eyes. 

Book review: For a Sovereign Europe - Sophie Heine

Sophie Heine’s “For a sovereign Europe” is  a welcome contribution to the debate about the future of Europe and comes at a critical time.

Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit - Kate's story

Friday 31st January 2020 was an historic day for the UK, as we left the EU at 11.00pm.

Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit - Katerina's story

Growing up in Bulgaria we always looked up to the EU, and when we finally joined, along with other East European new member states, I felt so happy that we were moving forward together.

Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit - Else's story

When people arose from their beds last Friday (31.01.2010), it might have seemed like any other day, with a cloudy and grey sky hanging over much of the country.        

Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit - Joan's story

Friday 31st January was one of the saddest days of my life. I felt overwhelmed by the fact that was the day that Great Britain decided to leave the European Union.

Don't Make Citizens Pay Price of Brexit - Rafal's story

The 31st January 2020 brought dark clouds to the South West of England - the place where I live and work.


The big annual Security Conference in Munich has just taken place. And one of the themes discussed among the politicians, military leaders and diplomats from many countries was disinformation.

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