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Head or heart? The ‘soft’ case to remain

“I just want the facts” is a phrase commonly uttered these past months in relation to the referendum by the Remainers, the Brexiteers, and for the most part by those undecided voters w

It's the economy, stupid

Thus far, the EU referendum debate has fundamentally been about three topics: immigration, sovereignty and the economy.

Where now for Cyprus?

Writer and commentator, Stephanos Ioannous, shares his view on what the results of the recent Cyprus elections mean for Cypriots and the European Union.

In support of a Universal Basic Income – introducing a new basic income model

Anthony Painter shares his ideas on why the UK should start making moves towards creating a universal basic income and suggests a new model for inputting such a measure.

The unspoken choice: to keep or give up European citizenship

Tony Venables examines an aspect of the referendum which has been completely overlooked by both Remain and Leave campaigns: European citizenship.

TTIP and the NHS: a reason for Brexit?

Amongst the various arguments for Brexit, one in particular has growing traction with those on the political left.

Brexit - a very British affair

Despite “project fear” and all the supposed “facts” about the EU that have been circulated, the campaign on either side of the Brexit argument has failed to kindle my interest as a ”new European”.

Easter in Croatia - a journey into Central Europe

My short journey around central Europe provides a reminder both of Europe's continuing diversity, and our war torn past, and the important contribution of the EU in creating the space for dialogue and co-operation which help to resolve conflict.

Why many in the EU may see Brexit as an opportunity and not a threat

Is Brexit  the final act of British imperial decline? Does it seem increasingly inevitable? Does the prospect of Brexit present the EU with an opportunity and not just a threat?

A walk with my family through Europe’s history

My family’s story is a microcosm of the story of Europe and is a reminder of the history of war and suffering to which the EU has so successfully responded.

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