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Russia exploits coronavirus crisis to weaken Europe

Russia exploits the corona virus crisis in order to weaken the EU. Russia’s humanitarian intervention in Italy, a show of force, is combined with a sustained disinformation and destabilization campaign.

A meditation on death

All over the UK people gathered by open front doors, windows and balconies in their locked down homes to applaud by extensive clapping the doctors, nurses and ancillary workers of the NHS. 

My life under lockdown? Look what I've learned! – Michal Siewniak

Third week of lockdown, at least for us in the UK. It feels strange, it feels unreal. At times, it feels like I am watching a science fiction movie.  

Interview with Pietro De Matteis, #EUSolidarityNow - Michel Caillouët

  Pietro De Matteis is an advisor on public diplomacy at the European External Action Service, the EU diplomatic corps.

Dark Times - Book Review by Ken Robinson

Dark Times.  Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Politics, History and Mourning by Jonathan Sklar. Published by Phoenix Publishing House, Bicester, 2018; xxi + 96 pp; £15.99 (paperback).

Jonathan Sklar's Dark Times - Book review by David Morgan

Review of Jonathan Sklar's Dark Times: Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Politics, History and Mourning.

On COVID19 frontline with NHS nurse and Green Card campaigner (Part 2)

NHS nurse Joan Pons Laplana, face of our Green Card campaign, tells Else Kvist what it’s really like on the COVID19 frontline.

On COVID19 frontline with our NHS nurse (Part 1 of interview)

NHS nurse Joan Pons Laplana, one of the faces of our New Europeans Green Card campaign, tells journalist and New Europeans media advisor Else Kvist what it’s really like

The autonomous democracy of the European Union

On the eve of the Conference about the Future of Europe the EU Court of Justice (CoJ) has made a significant contribution to the forthcoming debate by clarifying the concept of ‘European democracy’.

Lessons from two world wars for COVID19 crisis

To react to huge shocks, you need to think big and take advantage of the lessons learned in the past. 

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