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Tabloid populism and the legitimation of Brexit in the British press

While Brexit has been exhaustively discussed from a variety of perspectives, I believe that the role played by the British press, and in particular by tabloids, in framing the debate in the run up to the referendum and afterwards requires more scrutiny.

The Polish perspective

"The Polish Perspective"  - A letter frokm New Europeans' coordinator and local resident Michal Siewniak to the Welwyn Hatfield Times

Hungary's descent into authoritarianism

In 2010, General elections took place in Hungary. A disproportionate election law turned 53% of the votes into a constitutional majority.

Brexit & the EU Conundrum

If anything good comes from Brexit, it may well be that the bold Brexiteers have contributed inadvertently to the solution of one of the longest-standing conceptual problems of the EU, namely the conundrum concerning the nature and the purpose of the European Union.

The Maastrichtian Model of Transnational Relations

Twenty-five years after the entry into force of the Treaty of Maastricht a new model of inter- or transnational relations has come to light based on the Theory of Democratic Integratio

Time for a Treaty of London?

The EU Maastricht Treaty was 25 on 1 November 1993. Since it was signed in the Dutch town in 1992, there has been a new EU Treaty every 6 years, Amsterdam 1997, Nice 2001 until the Lisbon Treaty in 2007. 

Celebrating Maastricht

  #MaastrichtManifesto #25YearsMaastricht #IAmEuropean #WeAreEurope      

Cinzia di Marzo

By the time the Maastricht Treaty hasdbeen signed in February 1992, I was a student at the Faculty of Law in Bari in South of Italy,.

Maastricht - The Cradle of European Democracy

The signatories of the Maastricht Treaty, which came into effect 25 years ago, did not intend to create a European democracy. Their ambition was mainly to complete the internal market.

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