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Europe needs defenders

Europe needs defenders. It has always needed them, because peace and truth are fragile things.

The EU is the wold's most successful peace project

The EU is the world’s most successful peace project, and with freedom of movement, gives us rights which enrich our lives, as well as bringing benefits to our country, economy, and society. 

Diversity makes the NHS the best health system in the world

In recent years migrants like me have been constantly accused of bringing the NHS onto its knees. But let me be clear, our NHS would not have been possible without the contribution of migrants. Migrants have played a vital role in the construction of the NHS since its creation.

Brexit would break the NHS

"Among the very many strong and positive reasons for voting Remain and keeping the UK in the EU, one of the most compelling reasons for stopping Brexit on the domestic front is that it

The only voice that spoke to me was the European one

Of all the voices I heard growing up in Belfast during the ‘troubles’, the only one which truly spoke to me was the European voice.

Why turning the EU elections into a referendum on an open and liberal Europe is unhelpful

The European Parliament elections are usually depicted as a fairly dull affair.  Not this time, however.

Global energy prize summit held in Germany highlights the need for a quantum jump to hit Paris commitments

During the Global Energy Prize Summit, which took place at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany on 10 April 2019, international experts, including Nobel prize laureates, discussed possible scientific and technological solutions to avoid dangerous climate change in line with the commitments under Paris Agreement.

This too shall pass - why the EU has no choice but to grant the UK an extension

The Brexit suspense continues, as journalists on both sides of the English channel are reminding us!

Expanding the EU Green Card

There is no more migrant crisis. The number of sea arrivals to the EU is down 90% from the 2015 peak levels, but the crisis mode stubbornly lingers in European political rhetoric.

Solidarity with Gdańsk and New Europeans

One of my main reasons for joining New Europeans was the fact that this citizens’ rights organisation has embraced and adopted the spirit of Solidarity for which Poland and especially

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