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Statement by Jean-Marc Roirant, Secretary General, European Civic Forum

25 years ago, the Maastricht Treaty was the founding document for European citizenship. Citizens of EU member states acquired a “supranational” dimension for their citizenship.

Statement by André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf, Chairman, Schwarzkopf Foundation

The Maastricht Treaty marks a momentous point in the history of European integration; one whose importance for our Europe of open borders, a shared currency, and cross-cultural cooperation can hardly be overstated.

I raise a glass - to the Green Card for Europe

OVver the past 25 years as past chair of the British Association along the Riviera and having run a radio, broadcasting station along the Italian and French Riviera, I am still in contact with most older and new expats, coming and going.  

A Frenchman's fight to represent his all EU citizens in Brussels

I am very committed to the citizenship of residence and European citizenship, and the voting of foreigners. As non-Belgians, this engagement also strengthens our anchoring in Brussels, our city.

Double punishment

I’m an English-born English-speaking actor, who’s been living and working in Paris for nearly 30 years.

Brexit and You - Live Streaming on Monday 10th from the Spanish Embassy

Join New Europeans and the Spanish Embassy for the launch of the "Brexit & You" leaflet, which provides a comprehensive overview of key guides and organisations that will help you figure out your options post-Brexit and what to do to prepare in the meantime.

Brexit and You launch – Romanian Embassy + New Europeans, with the support from the Law Centres Network and the European Commission

New Europeans together with the Romanian Embassy co-hosted a Q&A event with support from the Law Centres Network and European Commission to help inform EU27 citizens of what Settled Status is, how to apply, and answer any queries they had on their rights and status following Brexit.

Freedom of Movement Tour

On 23rd June 2016 the UK, or rather 52% of the UK, or rather 52% of the people who turned up to vote, voted to leave the EU in a non-binding referendum. We woke up that morning in total dismay and incredulity. We cried. We suddenly felt divided by our respective nationalities.

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