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Brexit - five years of political turmoil

Five years after the referendum and the negative effects have become a daily experience.

Remembering Srebrenica

11th July is the day we remember the 8372 Bosnian Muslim who were murdered in Srebrenica, a town in Bosnia and Hercegovina in 1995.

Greece celebrating 40 years in the EU, Melina Mercouri and what it means to be European

The President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, is visiting Athens on Thursday and Friday, 27-28 May, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Greece’s accession to the EEC.

From the sofa to a seat at the table

Instead of confronting open wars, state terrorism and dictators on the basis of a common - determined policy, the EU and numerous member states delegate the consequences of latent conflict situations to despots, especially Turkey. 

Wellbeing and the Pandemic-Embracing our Vulnerability

Hello my name is Joan, I am a senior nurse currently working at the NHS. I am also, according to the nursing times, a well-known activist...

Liberating Lockdown

In life it takes courage to face reality and try to shape its own imagination. It is nice to dream of succeeding, but it is necessary to believe in it and accept to expose yourself.

Why so many Poles have already left Britain?

It is estimated that almost a million Poles lived in the UK before the Brexit vote. Some, mainly anecdotal evidence, suggests that around 200,000 members of the Polish community have now left the UK. What are the reasons why people have left or are leaving?

Is the post-Brexit reality the end of the political representation of the EU nationals in Britain?

Polish migration to the UK has a long standing history. But did you know that there are currently only 12 serving Polish Cllrs in the UK? In my view, although the current Parliament has never been more diverse, the lack of political representation is still evident.

Interview with Aleksandra Klitina

Aleksandra Klitina, the former Vice-Minister of Infrastructure in Ukraine, has been interviewed by Olivier Védrine.

Interview with Slava Rabinovich

On 26 February, Slava Rabinovich, a political analyst close to the Russian democratic opposition, was interviewed by Olivier Védrine for EuTalk and The Russian Monitor. 

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