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Parliament and the Brexit endgame

Even if it is unsuccessful, the petition by over a hundred MPs for an early return of Parliament from its summer recess is significant.

Why I am running for the DIEM Co-ordinating Collective - Andrea Pisauro

DiEM25 is a grassroots political organisation which has set itself to democratise the European Union by 2025.

Russian power in crisis!

Au lendemain d’une nouvelle manifestation de l’opposition russe violemment réprimée, plusieurs pays ont fait entendre leur inquiétude quant au comportement du Kremlin. 

We need a new narrative for Europe

It is clear that the EU needs a new story line, a new source of inspiration.  Not one to take the place of the original one grown out of the trauma of two World Wars, but rather one to build on that epic, to supplement it.

Poutine a perdu les élections en Ukraine !

Le parti du président ukrainien Volodymyr Zelensky, novice en politique élu en avril dernier, a très nettement remporté les législatives anticipées de dimanche et devrait obtenir la majorité absolue au Parlement.

Pour remercier le Conseil de l’Europe: pas de candidats de l’opposition aux élections en Russie!

Pour les médias d’Etat, le retour de la Russie au Conseil de l’Europe est une victoire, plus que symbolique car cela pourrait annoncer un assouplissement ou une levée des sanctions prises par d’autres institutions.

2019 Schwarzkopf Europe Award to New Europeans highlights importance of civil society to future of Europe

At the beginning of June, in Berlin, New Europeans received the “Schwarzkopf Europe Award”. That honour is granted by the Schwarzkopf Stiftung to “institutions or public figures who have distinguished themselves in an outstanding way by a committed and dedicated service to either European understanding or the growing together of Europe”.

How Brexit changed my relationship with the UK

It didn’t come completely out of the blue when Britain decided to call it a day and demanded a divorce. Even if the vote to leave the EU came as an overnight shock to many.

Saving the Spitzenkandidaten System

The difficulty both players are facing is that the rules of the game are unclear, if not contradictory. As each player of board games knows, disputable rules are a recipe for controversy and disappointment. 

Absent-Present Membership? EU Citizens in Brexit Britain

Having notified the European Council  of its intention to withdraw from the EU, the negotiated Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration on the Future Relationship between the UK and the EU27 was thrice rejected by the UK House of Commons, forcing the Prime Minister to announce her departure. On 23rd May 2019, well into the second extension of the ‘Article 50’ withdrawal process, the UK held European Parliamentary Elections with Brexit dominating the electoral landscape.

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