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The Brexit election: where the opposition parties stand

It seems almost inevitable that the Tories will win the election and, probably, with an increased majority. But that is not certain. This is an election like no other, for many reasons.

Bulgarian elections – a pro-western party may have won, but the European idea seems to have lost

The center-right party GERB (Citizens for European Development of Bulgaria) is the clear winner in the Bulgarian parliamentary election.

We are not bargaining chips, we are citizens

Fellow Europeans, just like you, I am bitterly disappointed that the vote on our amendment to the Brexit BIll did not go through. 

Will Europe wake up to the populists?

Right wing populists in Europe have been galvanised by last year’s Brexit vote in the UK and Donald Trump’s triumph in the American presidential election. But will they strike further blows against the European political establishment in 2017?

On a road to nowhere with the Knights of Cydonia

Has cavalier Brexit lunacy irrevocably damaged the UK polity? Hot on the heels of the banking crash that sparked the recession and austerity, the wretched failure of leadership from the Government and Opposition has compounded public distrust of elites.

Even with the Brexit deal unknown, the government can act now to manage migration better

During the course of the referendum campaign trade unionists heard concerns over EU migration linked with low wages, lack of services and poor quality jobs in many parts of the country. 

Dear Immigration Minister

The Home Affairs Select Committee is conducting an inquiry into the work of the Immigration Directorate. It has just taken evidence from the Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, before he was appointed as Northern Ireland Secretary.

It's complicated. The Brexit referendum and the case for "Remain"

The referendum asks us to make a binary decision, rather than judge between alternative visions of the EU.

Are you an undecided or uncertain voter? Here’s the case to Remain in the EU

  It’s nearly the end of this long referendum campaign. If you’re still an undecided voter, or wavering about your choice, or if you know someone who is either of those things, I’d like to set out the arguments why I believe you should vote to stay in the European Union.  

Britain inextricably tied to Europe

When Scotland voted in its own referendum back in 2014, many in the rest of the Union argued that they too should have a say in the country’s future.

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