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Hungary's descent into authoritarianism

In 2010, General elections took place in Hungary. A disproportionate election law turned 53% of the votes into a constitutional majority.

Brexit & the EU Conundrum

If anything good comes from Brexit, it may well be that the bold Brexiteers have contributed inadvertently to the solution of one of the longest-standing conceptual problems of the EU, namely the conundrum concerning the nature and the purpose of the European Union.

The Maastrichtian Model of Transnational Relations

Twenty-five years after the entry into force of the Treaty of Maastricht a new model of inter- or transnational relations has come to light based on the Theory of Democratic Integratio

Time for a Treaty of London?

The EU Maastricht Treaty was 25 on 1 November 1993. Since it was signed in the Dutch town in 1992, there has been a new EU Treaty every 6 years, Amsterdam 1997, Nice 2001 until the Lisbon Treaty in 2007. 

Celebrating Maastricht

  #MaastrichtManifesto #25YearsMaastricht #IAmEuropean #WeAreEurope      

Cinzia di Marzo

By the time the Maastricht Treaty hasdbeen signed in February 1992, I was a student at the Faculty of Law in Bari in South of Italy,.

Maastricht - The Cradle of European Democracy

The signatories of the Maastricht Treaty, which came into effect 25 years ago, did not intend to create a European democracy. Their ambition was mainly to complete the internal market.

Statement by Jean-Marc Roirant, Secretary General, European Civic Forum

25 years ago, the Maastricht Treaty was the founding document for European citizenship. Citizens of EU member states acquired a “supranational” dimension for their citizenship.

Statement by André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf, Chairman, Schwarzkopf Foundation

The Maastricht Treaty marks a momentous point in the history of European integration; one whose importance for our Europe of open borders, a shared currency, and cross-cultural cooperation can hardly be overstated.

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