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Cork – Dublin - Belfast

It was mild and bright when I climbed the steps to the top deck, as the ferry manoeuvred through the channel between the seaport town Cobh and Haulbowline Island. The evening before I’d gone to bed early and despite being woken around five by a child’s cry as the ship rolled across the Celtic Sea, that morning I felt restored.

Human rights with a (Brexit) use-by date

The Government continues to treat European human rights, incorporated by the Human Rights Act (HRA) into UK law, like supermarket products with a use-by date: we can enjoy them for now, but the government reserves the right to take them away after Brexit.

Brexit Worries

On the morning of 24th June 2016, my instant response to the news was a guttural feeling of loss and despair. For me Brexit was, and still is, a complete disaster.

Isolated lights in an abyss of ignorance

‘All knowledge is enveloped in darkness.’ - W.G. Sebald, The Rings of Saturn

Brexit, Yellow Vests & Subsidiarity

A spectre of discontent is haunting Europe.

Isolated lights in an abyss of ignorance

I was waiting on the tarmac concourse of the port in Plymouth to board the overnight ferry sailing to Roscoff. My hope was to catch another boat to Ireland the next evening, although I knew the ferry was already fully booked and I did not have a ticket. 

A successful Romanian Presidency will be less about national politics and more about the EU agenda

The historical juncture for the Romanians to steer their first ever Presidency exercise is unique and immensely challenging, as it covers Brexit, negotiations on the next EU budget and the European elections.

Tabloid populism and the legitimation of Brexit in the British press

While Brexit has been exhaustively discussed from a variety of perspectives, I believe that the role played by the British press, and in particular by tabloids, in framing the debate in the run up to the referendum and afterwards requires more scrutiny.

The Polish perspective

"The Polish Perspective"  - A letter frokm New Europeans' coordinator and local resident Michal Siewniak to the Welwyn Hatfield Times

Hungary's descent into authoritarianism

In 2010, General elections took place in Hungary. A disproportionate election law turned 53% of the votes into a constitutional majority.

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