Migrant Advisory Committee report - British Influence, 8 July

The government's Migration Advisory Committee has released it's long-awaited report into low-skill migration in the UK.


Speaking to British Influence Roger Casale said


"People move around the EU to find work. EU migrant workers often do the jobs Brits won't do as well as many jobs British people can't do.  They pax taxes. They fund and work for our public services.  EU migration neither destroys jobs nor undercuts wages, provided the rules on the national minimum wage are enforced."

"It is time all mainstream parties acknowledged that freedom of movement within the EU has been good for Britain and that people from other EU member states  make a positive contribution to British society. "

British Influence Press Release


On the possible expansion of the EU to new member states, Roger Casale said:
" Further EU enlargement , if it happens, would require careful planning. We should remember, however, that Germany is expected to need 6m more skilled workers by 2025  (D. Ziller, ‘How Europe Could Tackle its Growing Skills Shortage’, Europe’s World, 1 June 2013) . Some of these workers will be British as well as  potentially coming from new EU member states. Free movement is a 2-way street."
"Our  FreeMovement campaign aims to challenge politicians and the public to acknowledge the benefits of freedom of movement within the EU to the UK economy and to British society."
We are currently petitioning the Home Secretary and Shadow Home Secretary to resist calls inside both the Conservative and Labour parties for restrictions to free movement in the EU.

Sign our FreeMovement petition 

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Migration Advisory Committee report





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