Lawyers and NGOs call for ad hoc criminal court to bring Putin to justice

In the face of Putin's long-standing boycott of the International Criminal Cournt, leading academics at Goldsmith Law have lauched an iniative calling for a special international tribunal to hold Putin and his accomplices to account.

Given blatant violations of international law by the Putin regime in Ukraine, over 90 leading academics, legal professionals, politicians and NGOs from across Europe, (including New Europeans) have signed an open letter calling for a new ad hoc justice mechansim to bring the perpetrators to account.

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(Please note the letter is available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Polish)

The letter has been forwarded to the Foreign Secretary in the UK, and will be sent to relevant authorities in the United States of America and France too.

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The Law Society Gazzette, East London Lines and The Times have all reported on the initiative.


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