CIVICUS, European Civic Forum and ECNL are asking support for a letter to be sent to the Danish Members of Parliament

CIVICUS, European Civic Forum and ECNL are asking support for a letter to be sent on Monday to the Danish Members of Parliament concerning a new package named “Security for all Danes” which will restrict the right to protest and disproportionally affect minority groups in Denmark.

It includes four new initiatives, which will give increased powers to the police to take action against “insecurity-creating behaviour”. The draft includes a provision allowing the police to issue a general ban on staying in a geographically defined area for 30 days, extendable for 30 additional days, if a group of people exhibit “insecurity-creating behaviour” in the area. The ban would apply to everyone in the area, regardless of whether they displayed criminal behaviours, except for regular traffic. The draft bill does not make an exception for public demonstrations. The measure is feared to limit the freedom of peaceful assembly disproportionately and arbitrarily. The law, which is criminal in nature, also foresees a high pecuniary sanction of DKK 10,000 (over 1300 Euro) for a first offence and a prison sentence of up to 1 year for a second offence.  

As the first reading in the Parliament is planned for 23rdMarch, CIVICUS with the support of the European Civic Forum and ECNL has drafted a letter to advocate to redress the issues concerning civic space to send to Danish MPs. 
You can read and sign the letter here: The deadline for support is Monday 22 March at 3 pm CET. 
If you want to read more: 
Here is the article for the Civic Space Watch 
The analysis of the law by ECNL 
An article by the CIVICUS Monitor 


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