Immigration debate dominates election - Voice of Russia, 16 May 2014

On the eve of the elections, Voice of Russia in London put together a series of interviews to discuss the role that immigration had played in the campaign.

After taking advice (given the situation in the Ukraine), Roger Casale went ahead with the debate with Alex Glennie from IPPR and Robert Olds from the Bruges Group.

Roger Casale is from New Europeans, which has asked for an apology from UKIP and Migration Watch:

“It's important that politicians in particular tell the truth and base what they say on the facts and don’t try and use exaggerated claims to whip up fears. It was claimed when the borders were opened there would be hundreds of thousands. In a democracy people need to be corrected when they’ve made a mistake”.

Roger Casale  went on to say: “... it was Margaret Thatcher who said that people should be free to move in Europe, a fundamental principle and freedom we have in the EU in contrast to other parts of the world. People should focus on the positive contribution Europeans make to Britain”.
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