CENSUS 2021: Declare Yourself European!

21 March 2021 is Census Day, but forms are already dropping through letterboxes across the UK, inviting everyone to start providing their information.

This presents us with a rare opportunity to send a message to the powers that be about how we see ourselves.  One of the questions on this year's census asks "How would you describe your national identity?".  Clearly, the way this question has been worded allows for a range of possible answers, based entirely upon the feelings of the person answering the question.  Unlike other questions on the census (e.g. What is your nationality?) which are straightforward matters of fact, this particular question allows for a multitude of possible answers, each of which may be equally valid.

We (and others) are suggesting that you tick the box marked "Other" and fill in the word "European".  This applies whether you complete the census on paper or digitally.  If you are in any doubt about whether this is legitimate, you may notice that "European" is, in fact, a suggested response on the web form when you start to type "Eu.."!

If enough people do this, it will send a loud and clear message, when the results of the census are published, that there is a strong European identity amongst the population of this country.  It will also pass a wonderful record down the generations, perhaps to be read with pride by your descendants!

Please consider doing this and persuading the members of your groups to do so as well.  Please also spread the word amongst families, friends, social media etc.  Let's all enjoy this individually small but satisfying, and collectively huge and effective, act of defiance!

To declare yourself European, click here


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