Value of UK citizenship drops by 27.1% on Quality of Nationality Index

The UK's decision to end free movement and not just its membership of the EU will devalue British citizenship by over 27% on the Quality of Nationality Index.

Leaving the EU with the current agreement ends free movement for the majority of EU citizens (the Irish remain an exception) and deprives of political rights in the UK the majority of EU citizens (the Irish, the Cypriots and the Maltese are exceptions), while UK citizens, having lost EU citizenship have no more right to settile in the EU and to work there (only Ireland left).

This is a radical shrinking of the horizon of opportunities for every single British national, given the importance of the right to work and to reside which used to be granted by EU-connected UK nationality.

UK citizens are now third country nationals, all 'European' rights removed from them -- and not on the initiative of the EU.

The Quality of Nationality Index designed by Dimitry Kochenov  togetherQual with Christian Kälin and co-edit with Justin Lindeboom contains a simple methodology to measure the impact of such shocks on the quality of every nationality around the world.

The biggest fallers ever recorded so far were the countries going through violent conflict or international blocade.

The last edition of the index publisher by Hart Publishing at Oxfrod recorded the following key fallers: Qatar (falling 1.1% of the score and 25 positions between 2014-2018); Libya (falling 2.7% of the score and 25 positions), Yemen (falling 3.7% of the score and 24 positions) and the Syrian Arab Republic (falling 1.9% of the score and 19 positions 2014-2018).

The UK will now have the absolute leadership in the free fall in the quality of its nationality.

At midnight on December 31 2020 the UK nationality falls from postion 8 out of all nationalities in the world roughly to position 35, rights under the nationalities of Brazil, Argentina and South Korea --- 27 positions and the staggering 27.1% of quality.

This a reflection of the loss of the rights to work, reside and travel without any restrictions in all the EU Member States with the exception of Ireland, the EEA states and Switzerland. 

A worse new year present in terms of the loss of rights is unimaginable.

Moreover, this fall will likely remain absolutely unprecedented in history.

Here is an article from the latest QNI edition explaining the Brexit free fall:
Click here 

And the book itself:

Click here 



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